Vejret i dag, 08. April 2020

  • 03:00 sunny
  • 06:00 sunny
  • 09:00 sunny
  • 12:00 sunny
  • 15:00 brightly
  • 18:00 sunny
  • 21:00 sunny
  • 24:00 sunny

wind in exposed higher regions: S to E with 5 to 15 kmph
Bright sunshine all day long.

i morgen, 09. April 2020

  • 03:00 sunny
  • 06:00 sunny
  • 09:00 sunny
  • 12:00 brightly
  • 15:00 brightly
  • 18:00 brightly
  • 21:00 brightly
  • 21:00 sunny

wind in exposed higher regions: mostly N with 10 to 25 kmph
On Thursday most of the time sun shines brightly. In the afternoon some harmless cumulus clouds develop over the mountains.

Friday, April 10

Sunshine dominates. In the afternoon some mostly harmless cumuls clouds develop. Very warm.

Saturday, April 11

On Saturday quite sunny weather is expected. Cumulus clouds in the afternoon should remain harmless. Very warm.

Sunday, April 12

On Sunday quite sunny weather continues. However, in the course of the day also several cumulus clouds develop and in the mountains local rain showers cannot be ruled out totally.

Monday, April 13

On Monday often sunny and warm spring weather continues. Mostly staying dry.

Tuesday, April 14

After nocturnal local rain showers more and more sunshine is expected on Tuesday. Cool northeasterly winds.

08.04.2020 - 23:18 - Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) - The weather experts in Carinthia

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