Kärnten Therme Thermal Spa

The thermal springs in Villach-Warmbad: what was once used by the Romans can still be enjoyed by water lovers today, in every way possible.

Be it on the slide, in the white water river, the outdoor pool or the baby pool, the 34°C warm water from deep inside the earth under the town of Villach guarantees a perfect swim day. 

In the sports pool, of course, the water is cooler, so that activities can also be fun. Children love the water slides: there’s a slide with disco lights, a wavy slide, and a sightseeing slide. Open daily from 9am to 10pm.  


Kärnten Therme Betriebs GmbH
Ein Unternehmen im ThermenResort Warmbad-Villach
Kadischenallee 25
9504 Warmbad-Villach
Tel: +43 4242 3001 2750

Opening hours

Daily; all year round

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