Maria Wörth on the lake Wörthersee in Carinthia the sunny south of Austria.
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  • Maria Wörth. Health, well-being and resorts.

    These three concepts dominate Maria Wörth, the village on the peninsula, not only famous for its pilgrim church but also for its health centres.

    The romanticism of the village of Maria Wörth, its tiny church renowned beyond Carinthia’s borders as a church for weddings, the rural idyll of Sekirn with its agricultural traditions, the active and sporting life in get-up-and-go Reifnitz, and finally golf, health and fitness in Dellach.
    These four holiday centres provide very differing programmes, but one thing they all have in common: Nature can still be experienced in its magnificent purity, the water of Lake Wörthersee is clear and unpolluted, and the forests and meadows testify to an untouched environment.


    Gemeinde Maria Wörth

    Wörthersee Süduferstraße 115
    9081 Reifnitz
    Tel.: +43(0)4273/2050-0
    Fax: +43(0)4273/2050-42


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