Krems in Carinthia, the sunny south of Austria. A picturebook holiday.
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Camping in Kärnten
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  • Krems in Kärnten. A picturebook holiday.

    Where “iron for the world” was once mined, where gold, silver and arsenic determined the prosperity of a landscape, a natural high valley is now accessible to guests seeking peace and quiet.

    No wonder that the attractive landscape here was populated with mythical figures such as mountain gnomes and witches.

    Between the "Karlbad" fountain of youth with its natural healing properties and the three-country mountain "Königstuhl", visitors seeking relaxation will find countless options in the Nockberge National Park for discovering natural health, with Krems as the perfect launching point. Meadows full of flowers and crystal-clear mountain lakes promise healing relaxation amidst unspoilt nature.


    Gemeinde Krems in Kärnten

    Eisentratten 35
    9861 Eisentratten
    Tel.: +43(0)4732/2772
    Fax: +43(0)4732/2772-17


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