Kappel am Krappfeld in Carinthia the sunny south of Austria. Breadbasket of Carinthia.
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  • Kappel am Krappfeld. Breadbasket of Carinthia.

    In the middle of this plateau blessed with sunny days and ringed by hills lies the township of Kappel.

    A place of rural atmosphere and a departure point for numerous excursions in a well-tended landscape. Outstandingly suited to cycling, hiking (cultural hiking trail, Norischer bio-path, etc.) or walking.


    Gemeinde Kappel am Krappfeld

    Bahnstraße 43
    9321 Kappel am Krappfeld
    Tel.: +43(0)4262/2629
    Fax: +43(0)4262/4810
    E-Mail: kappel-kr@ktn.gde.at


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