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  • Lieser-/Maltatal. Holiday in the family paradise.

    Fun and excitement is to be had as far as the eye can see or as far as you wish to go in one of the scenic family hiking areas.

    Everything here is aimed at meeting the needs of families – children, parents, grandparents or any of today’s patchwork mixes. In Trebesing, Europe’s first village for babies and children, there is therefore all kinds of entertainment for the little ones and at the same time relaxation for the grownups – thanks to the excellent childcare facilities at the hotels or crèche in the village centre.
    Nowhere will you find as many smileys and bears – the hallmark of hotels certified as catering for babies and children – as in the Lieser and Malta family valley. And the surroundings are absolute paradise for children: the fairy-tale trail, for example, is three kilometres long, winding its way through an idyllic forest to a world of experience with enchanted spots, children’s attractions, fairy-tale figures and the longest rope footbridge in the Alps.
    Gmünd, the medieval centre of art and culture, is like a fascinating work of art itself with its galleries, work-shops, studios and many exhibitions featuring renowned artists. Afterwards you can go for a refreshing swim in Lake Millstatt, which is only a few minutes away. In this region there’s definitely fun for all ages.


    Familienregion Lieser-/Maltatal

    Hauptplatz 20
    9853 Gmünd
    Tel.: +43(0)4732/2222
    Fax: +43(0)4732/3978

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