Carnica-Region Rosental, Rose Valley, in Carinthia the sunny south of Austria.
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    Here the great diversity of Carinthia is reflected in the small details: Nature is perceptible everywhere and worth discovering at every level. In the valley there are warm recreational lakes for swimming or relaxing alongside carefully designed museums and attractions for all the family. Higher up, walking, hiking and cycling trails on the hills and ridges ensure the active get their fill of exercise. Still higher, climbs and fixed rope routes in alpine terrain are ideal for those with a head for heights.

    Countless wonders of nature both great and small attract people seeking the genuine and original or simply wishing to breathe the pure alpine air. One such beauty spot is the fairytale meadows in Bodental, arguably Austria’s most scenic valley close.

    Tscheppaschlucht, a gorge also accessible for families with children, showcases the beauty of nature with its torrent and spectacular waterfalls.
    Not only the body, but also the soul needs to recover sometimes. Try Rosental’s pilgrimage paths: in this part of Carinthia you will definitely get into your stride.


    Carnica-Region Rosental

    Freibacher Straße 1
    9170 Ferlach
    Tel.: +43(0)4227/5119
    Fax: +43(0)4227/4970

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